Thursday, August 14, 2008

OSCON 2008

Well, I helped at the Fedora Booth at O'Reilly OSCON 2008, at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland Oregon, July 25-27th.

As a Fedora Ambassador, I helped answer attendee's questions about Fedora, helped pass out swag, and also talked with the others in the booth. I met Karsten Wade (quaid), Jack Aboutboul, Greg DeKoenigsberg, John Poelstra, and a few others.

I also took the opportunity to reinstall Fedora 9 on my work laptop (it had Ubuntu on it).
One nice little tidbit there, after installing Fedora, I was able to get the Compiz 3D effects working on it much easier than with Ubuntu. Even though installing the non-free ATI driver is easier on Ubuntu, in this case, the setup for Compiz was much easier, just basically involved installing the required Compiz packages.

I would say the number of visitors to our booth was good, for the time I was there.

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