Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lindependence Day Portland 2008

We held the 2008 Lindependence Day event in Portland, at Touchstone Technology in Beaverton, on Saturday Oct. 25th.

I was there to represent Fedora as an Ambassador, as was Larry Cafiero from CA.
The event was organized by David Kaplan, who is local to Portland, and Larry, who setup the initial Lindependence event in CA.

There were also people who represented several other Linux distributions, namely Ubuntu, OpenSuSE, Mint, Mandriva, and Slackware.

The event was somewhat small, we had maybe around 20-30 people in attendance over the course of the day. However this was the first time we had done this event in this particular location. Discussions were lively, and every distribution volunteer was demonstrating the virtues of Linux to the attendees.

I was sent a box of CDs/DVDs for this event, though the actual "EventBox" the Ambassadors had put together was not available. The EventBox contains an OLPC XO laptop, banners, signs, CDs/DVDs, stickers, t-shirts, maybe some other things such as USB flash drives. Since I didn't have this I made use of what I did have. I gave a stack of disks to Larry to bring back to CA with him after the event was over.

For demonstration purposes I brought with me 2 of my own laptops running Fedora:
* Centrino PC laptop running Fedora 9, 1.6Ghz Centrino, 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD
* G3 Powerbook laptop running Fedora 10 Beta, 333mhz G3, 192MB RAM, 30GB HDD

Larry also brought two of his laptops to show Fedora.

Over all even though the event was small everyone there said it was a success, and the people at Touchstone Technology said they would be happy to host it again.


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